Kagiso Leburu is a local Botswana skateboarder who ventured to Lagos to pursue his skateboarding career in December 2021 with the Lagos-based skate company WAF. During his time in Lagos, he dedicated 8 months to filming a skate video part titled “PRAY 4 US.” This video showcased his skills, creativity, and dedication to the sport. After completing the video part, Kagiso Leburu was pleasantly surprised when he was presented with a signature WAF skateboard in Lagos, Nigeria. This gesture symbolized a significant milestone in his career as it marked his transition into becoming a professional skateboarder. The opportunity to have his own signature skateboard is a remarkable achievement that highlights Kagiso Leburu’s talent and hard work in the skateboarding community. Back upon his arrival back in Botswana, his close friends and the Gaborone skateboarding community surprised him with a homecoming intimated party which they were celebrating of what he has achieved which was a milestone not only for him but for the Gaborone skate community and The fruit of Leburu’s labor was named “PRAY 4 US,” and it showcased his exceptional skills and dedication to the sport. The event, sponsored by Big Sip, a local craft beer company, took place at an undisclosed venue in Gaborone, Botswana. IMAGES BY MOSAKO CHALASHIKA